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Farm Lessons 14 English


[ Week song (link below the article): Jamiroquai - Love Foolosophy (2001)]

I will start with a quote thinker who was born probably in the 30s of the twentieth century (it is inferred from this passage, it is not difficult to guess where exactly):
"Environmental Protection in a reasonable range is useful, although it is only a struggle with the consequences. The reason there are people because they destroy the environment and the more of them is all the more the environment is destroyed. As I went to school a teacher said that in Poland, lived 24 million people, and now there are 36 million, up 50% more. As it happens, that people take to the children, and official propaganda says that in Poland there are too few children, this is where it took an additional 12 million people? Well, for propaganda, the facts do not matter! "
begins to give birth to me the competition. The work from which the quoted fragment (Janusz Dowgiert:" Passion for obstruction of Life ") also roznoszone is in the form of paper (hit to me through the mailbox), and even thought there are proclaimed as absurd as the DPP ###_*.;). But I wonder how the fellow musician as much dislike for children. I suspect that these are some unpleasant experiences. Also in the middle sympathy leave this topic.
What bothers us, what bores us? In principle, this question may help in locating causes of misfortune, not only this one person. Can make us weary repetitiveness. Even as the skeleton is based on the repetition of something exciting and educating. The best example is a share-educational rozweselająco carried on packs / pots wide variety of foods. Satisfactory enough for the average wypijacza sweetened drinks passwords diversity has been achieved only on the capsules Tymbark juices. With them went Tarczyn blow. These juices have a cap, so the analysis (to fit more "rozkminianie", but towards the brand with tradition, do not use today's lingo), one can dispense a label, just as he soczek. This advantage was used to carry the mission (and that word could stop if was called much less virulent media, public) education.
few examples of successful, so now it's time for these less successful (from my observation, I could be wrong):
  • Mieszko fudge - the problem occurs here in the so-called. lack of scrambling. Skramblować = stir (or mix). In the microworld of sweets, this means that globally there are many of the ruling on the paper, but locally, we bought the lot, often come across the same.
  • tea Sun Field (Ceylon with "Ladybugs") - that is, repetition of the second, more painful, kind of. It consists of a small set of information used throughout the series. In this case a Chinese fortune telling that I already know by heart.
  • Dilmah teas series of comic books - repeatability in a similar way as in the case of tea with the Ladybugs, but repeatability is in this case, heightened by the fact that the product is in its early stages.
terribly "I'm going Sellout" today. Sorry. However, I think some allusive whitewash (as detergents, in the sense of measures to reduce the surface tension of water, wrote in the previous section) does not make sense, because, and so I leaned against the universally recognizable products. Will put even the consolation his latest theory and ethereal for a few minutes. In terms of mental
knockin may work. If someone likes your occupation is any activity is quite happy in the same sense as idleness at any other business.

[Weekly song ]
Jamiroquai is a funk disco mainstay in the modern form (well, actually started from acid jazz and I guess that is their main stream). Particularly successful in this respect was the album "A Funk Odyssey" in 2001. As the attached picture you can see - singer, Mr Jay Kay, is able to articulate their thoughts, even under water.

Today's episode sponsored:
  • simple periodic sequence (0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1 ,...) as a tribute to the repeatability
  • model (and maybe oldskulowy?) Oscilloscope

Metropolitan Silesia, week 12 of 2010


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